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Feel Right at Home with your Yoga Instruction

home yoga instruction

Whatever kind of high-level individual you are, chances are you work hard – and, you might play hard, too. But, with all the working and playing, your health and well-being might fall by the wayside. Especially if you’re passionate about yoga, if you can’t put aside time to visit a studio and take a class, you’ll never get to experience the ultimate fitness and relaxation you crave.  That is, except maybe by pulling up some videos online.

But, what if there were a way to bring the experience of Yoga to you, and in a completely personalized setting?

Enter Yofima Concierge Home Yoga Instruction

Yofima’s completely custom yoga instruction brings an instructor right to your doorstep for a session as often as you choose. Go through the routines you’re comfortable with, or branch out.  It’s all in your hands, all designed to make you feel good WITHOUT having to drive to a studio.

The Yofima difference

home yoga instruction

What sets Yofima apart from other concierge wellness services?

Yofima’s home yoga instruction is not only customized to your wants. It’s also linked with mobile fitness and massage services, and all three (Yoga, Fitness, Massage) are connected and accessible with the Yofima mobile app. In the app, you can book appointments and make requests to your instructors.  And what’s more, your instructors can share notes about any Yofima service you use. That way, you have a more unified experience, and you progress through your programs more easily.  And furthermore, your well-being soars, all from the comfort of your own home.

Your new life awaits you.  Are you ready for it?

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In today’s busy world, we know how you’re feeling about your professional life – and about your health.  You deserve not only to excel professionally, but to thrive in your fitness and health, too.  And, what better a way to bring that to you than with concierge home yoga service?

Our certified yoga instructors will come to you based on your geographical area.  Yofima serves these areas:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Houston
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • New York

If you’re the kind who travels frequently, your personal yoga instructor will even come to you wherever you are.  That way, you can receive the same great care you’d ordinarily get at home.

Have you already experienced Yofima’s home yoga instruction?

We also offer home fitness service, and we round it all out with personal massage therapy.

Make sure you get the complete experience when you sign up.

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