We recently joined our fellow Yofima Providers in conversation about some questions we had for them about how they got into the business of healthy living. Here is the first of a new series we wish to share to hopefully shed some light on the subject and introduce you to the great people and coaches that make Yofima what it is today.

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Introducing Nic Watson
Yofima Yoga Instructor

Nic Watson Yofima Yoga Instructor

What does Yoga mean to you? 

“Yoga means being in touch with yourself, accepting yourself and being the best version of yourself , physically, mentally and spiritually. It means being alive, being aware and using your practice to help you off the mat.”

Why did you choose to be a Yoga Teacher, Massage Instructor or Personal Trainer?

“I chose to be a yoga teacher to give back to the practice that helped me make huge shifts in my own life. I believe we all need support in our evolution and just as my teachers gave it to me, now it’s my turn to give to others.  .It has taught me courage, faith, strength, humility and some of the crazy possibilities of the body!”

What do you believe are the top 3 benefits of having a Yoga, Fitness or Massage session?

“A private yoga session is way beyond a group class. The benefits working with a teacher one on one are that the teacher really tunes into what will best bring your body/life into balance;  giving you good posture, ease where you are tight, strength where you are weaker and an overall sense of calm and connection.”

Photo credit: Matthew Henry

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