We recently joined our fellow Yofima Providers in conversation about some questions we had for them about how they got into the business of healthy living. This will introduce you to the great people that make Yofima what it is today.

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Introducing Channing Hixon
Yofima Yoga Instructor

1. What does Yoga Mean to you?

Yoga to me means trust, honesty, faith, believing, and dedication. Yoga pulls out the spiritual qualities we are taught to ignore or go against to appease societal standards. Yoga is the practice of uniting. It wants you to find your true Self and for you to share what is unique and beautiful about you with the spiraling universe. Because everyone has a contribution whether they know it or not. And, if you don’t know or haven’t found it, Yoga provides you with the tools for discovery and implementation.

2. Why did you choose to be a Yoga Teacher


As prosaic as it may sound, I didn’t choose the teacher life, the teacher life chose me. I joined a 200-hr teacher training program a year after starting my practice. I was so infatuated with the Yoga philosophy, that I sought to deepen my personal practice and gain knowledge. Yes, I knew that I’d be required to learn to lead an effective Yoga class during training, but teaching wasn’t my original reasons for committing to becoming a certified Yoga instructor.


Do you think you know what happens next? You probably think that as training went on and I learned to direct my peers and community classes in flow sequences that I fell in love with teaching, huh? Nope! And, it wasn’t from lack of positive affirmations about my abilities. Throughout training my fellow trainees and new students praised what an effective and whimsical instructor I was. That my amusing yet detailed-oriented teaching style created an amiable atmosphere, which resulted in the students (especially beginners) being more receptive, both physically and mentally to the lessons I was offering. However, this did not immediately sway my decision to become an active Yoga teacher.


After training, I was incessantly requested to teach regularly, to which I finally happily complied. A few months of me teaching went by, then one evening class as I watched the brilliant strides my students had made (physically and mentally)… it clicked. I loved that feeling. The feeling of contributing to the betterment of someone’s health. The feeling of sharing that special time of the day that they have committed to bringing out their best growing and glowing selves.


The energy students create as they try new things, break their chains, and give their full selves is intoxicating and humbling to witness. That is why I love being a Yoga instructor.


3. What do you believe are the top 3 benefits of having a Yoga session?


1. It’s the ultimate mood stabilizer. Even if I felt my practice was horrible, or if I did not care for the class structure or teaching style… I still always felt amazing after the session, because I showed up to my mat and made precious self-care time for my being.


2. Balance. The universe is fueled by the balancing of elements. That includes you. Without a healthy balance physically, mentally, and emotionally you will find yourself in questionable states of being. Without strength you can’t be flexible (and vise versa). Without love for Self you won’t be able to receive proper love from another. Without knowing how to accept and cope with the times life will hand you lemons… you’ll never learn how to make lemonade.


3. Control. Control of being and livelihood. If anything Yoga teaches us how to control our body, thoughts, feelings, and actions so that we may better utilize and promote our human experience. It’s teachings can enhance our core selves. Revealing the truth of who we inherently are, and guiding us towards living a more connective existence.

Learn more about Channing’s unique and fun yoga style by visiting her personal website: www.yogashenanigans.com


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