Hans David Rearick founded Yofima in late 2014 after almost a decade of personal training in Los Angeles.

“I was fortunate enough to have a full schedule and looking for a way to serve more clients” he said. “Additionally, I was traveling the world with many of them.”

His work as a personal trainer has taken him to Israel, Jordan, Germany Austria, Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan and England. He always billed his training business via subscription so make-up sessions could pile up. Offering clients make-up sessions was a given but Hans also started saying,

“If you would like to try something different just let me know. I’ll line it up and pay for it.”

A trend became apparent with Yoga and Massage and Yofima began.

Today Yofima works to support its clients total wellness using all three services. Yoga, fitness and massage all supplement and complement each other for a cohesive approach to health and wellness. Yoga sessions support core strengthening, flexibility, balance and posture awareness. Fitness sessions adds burning fat, creating lean muscle mass and increasing bone density. Massage sessions round it out with joint pain relief, myofascial muscle release and body/mind stress reduction.

Yofima currently has providers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Atlanta and Houston and are expanding into other US and European cities.

Contact info@yofima.com to see if and when they will be in your city.