We recently joined our fellow Yofima Providers in conversation about some questions we had for them about how they got into the business of healthy living. Here is the first of a new series we wish to share to hopefully shed some light on the subject and introduce you to the great people and coaches that make Yofima what it is today.

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Introducing Jayme Lawhon
Yofima Massage Provider

What does Yoga, Fitness or Massage mean to you? 

“I believe that massage is a healing ministry to mankind. The flow of positive energy through compassionate touch allows the client’s body to begin to heal itself. The practice evolves from the fundamental goal of relieving day-to-day stress, to a comprehensive path to homeostasis— our body’s natural tendency to seek and maintain a condition of balance.”

Why did you choose to be a Yoga Teacher, Massage Instructor or Personal Trainer?

“I became a massage therapist because of my love for people, and my passion for health and well-being.  I believe with all of my heart that service to one another is the ultimate goal of our life’s work.  We must care for others to realize the fullness of our own potential.  Massage is a way to show love to one’s self.”

What do you believe are the top 3 benefits of having a Yoga, Fitness or Massage session?

“The energy that flows from the therapist to the client opens channels to release stress and to receive the many benefits delivered through therapeutic touch, including the body’s ability to heal itself. Many diseases and ailments are stress-related. Massage is an effective tool for managing this stress. Among its many benefits are the reduction of anxiety and fatigue, increase in circulation, and improvement in sleep quality: all of which lead us to living a healthier, more balanced day-to-day life. “