We recently joined our fellow Yofima Providers in conversation about some questions we had for them about how they got into the business of healthy living. Here is the first of a new series we wish to share to hopefully shed some light on the subject and introduce you to the great people and coaches that make Yofima what it is today.

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Introducing Tonya Iverson
Yofima Personal Trainer

What does Yoga, Fitness or Massage mean to you? 

“My fitness philosophy is “You’re stronger than you think”. You’re stronger than you think physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You just need the right right tools to tap into those already innate strengths. Fitness is helping you gain clarity of all of your health goals and working towards becoming the best version of YOU possible.”

Why did you choose to be a Yoga Teacher, Massage Instructor or Personal Trainer?

“I chose to be a Personal Trainer, because after the birth of my second child, I desperately needed help in losing the “baby weight”. So I hired an awesome and highly competent PT. During my work with him, I learned so much about how to eat and exercise properly and more importantly I learned so much about myself. By the time I finished training, I was totally hooked and inspired to help others with their health and wellness. I believe that anyone has the power to become their absolute best no matter what their fitness level may be. It is my job and my passion to give that person the right tools and encouragement to obtain those goals.”

What do you believe are the top 3 benefits of having a Yoga, Fitness or Massage session?

“The top 3 benefits of having a fitness trainer are motivation, encouragement and skill or technique with exercise. A fitness trainer will motivate you to get the work done that you may ordinarily not do. She will give you the encouragement and support to push past the discomfort and the skill to make sure you’re doing it all correctly!”